Our management team is knowledgeable, experienced, and available for residents' questions and concerns. In addition to our 24/7 support team, managers will determine site-specific attendance for the convenience of the community.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our management team prepares and conducts preventative maintenance programs designed to reduce more costly premature replacement and repair work. We make recommendations to the Board of Directors and liaise with contractors and maintenance staff to ensure work is properly quoted and performed. We supervise with service providers and ensure reliable performance of daily work schedules, and ensure all services are carried out at the most efficient cost to the condominium corporation.

Financial Monitoring

In coordination with the Board of Directors, our management team prepares monthly management and financial reports, including full year-to-date statements. Annual budgets are prepared for the Board's approval, and reserve-fund investment strategies are proposed and managed. Sherwood Park collects common revenue, pays expenses, and ensures accountability. We monitor outstanding receivables and arrange for legal action and liens when appropriate. Sherwood Park also offers owners a convenient pre-authorized fee payment plan.

Long-Term Value and Financial Health

We manage well-run buildings, financial health being a key component. Over thirty years of experience advising healthy corporations, and helping many others out of trouble, makes us a reliable resource for responsible boards. Sherwood Park performs budget analyses on a weighted budget model. Reserve funds are monitored and subjected to scrupulous study, ensuring their safety and efficacy. Our management team works with boards to carry out efficiency and cost-reduction strategies, and keeps a close watch on the advancement of energy-conservation technology.


Sherwood Park's resident care team offers an industry-leading customer service approach. Our quick-return policy, urgent-action philosophy, and exceptional board and resident communication measures ensure concerns are taken care or promptly and reliably. Directors and residents alike have access to Sherwood's 24/7 emergency contact and response team. In addition to phone, fax and email communication, Sherwood offers residents an online website and portal, through which residents can view building announcements, updates, book amenities, and coordinate with the concierge. Special offers from local businesses are also offered through the resident portal.


Our managers enforce the corporation's Declaration and Bylaws with skill, sensitivity and effectiveness. Boards rely on our comprehensive knowledge of the dynamic Condominium Act, and our suggestions for corporation policy changes to ensure compliance. In coordination with the Board, Sherwood Park schedules and organizes annual general meetings. 

Education and Board Management

Sherwood approaches its clients with the care of a partner. Too often it is the case that condominium governance is a painful, impolitic, and ineffective process. We take an unconventional and sensitive approach, working closely with directors to inform, educate, and empower them to carry out the business of the corporation with skill and tact. Directors should find governance compelling, educative, equitable, and rewarding; we work closely to build an environment conducive to that experience. 


Sherwood Park is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) and the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO).

An ACMO 2000 Certified Condominium Management Company

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